COVID-19: MhEST Engages Parents of Street-connected Children

Mlambe Health and Social Trust has put precautionary measures for the MhEST Resource Center which serves street-connected children, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s directives and advice amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charitable organisation this week counseled both parents and their children to stay at home in the interim and follow preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of being infected with the Coronavirus.

Some of the parents during the meeting with MhEST

Senior Social Worker Louis Malajira said: “We decided to engage the parents of these street-connected children in order to talk to them about COVID-19. We wanted to raise awareness on the preventative measures against this pandemic.

“Secondly, we wanted to alert them about some of the measures that MhEST has put in place to make sure that the children are protected, as well as what government has put in place, specifically the District Social Welfare Office here in Zomba.”

Malajira talks to the parents during the meeting

Due to the emergence of the global pandemic, government has ordered children off the streets of Malawi’s major cities, with a countrywide lockdown inevitably looming.

Consequently, street-connected children affiliated to Mlambe Health and Social Trust will no longer be able to access the MhEST Resource Center for the foreseeable future.

Some of the services offered and available for street-connected children at the Center include food (breakfast and lunch), day shelter, art and craft lessons plus other extra-curricular activities.



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