Educational Support

Planning for rehabilitation starts on the first of admission to MhEST Youth Resource Center. Socials workers continue to assess the child/ youth to form the basis of his/her rehabilitation plan. The following are considered:

  1. Educational Support

MhEST recognizes that “every child has a right to education”, hence   is enrolling Street connected children and youth in various schools. They are supported with:

  • School Uniform
  • School shoes
  • Notebooks and pens
  • School development fund.


  1. Home assessments and reintegration

After building the rapport with the children and youth,   social workers go to the children homes to assess the home environment and understand better why the child left home.

Counselling sessions are schedules for both the guardians and the child, as a process for Reintegration  then the whole family is supported and empowered typo be able a to take care of the child at home.

  1. Enhancing Leadership and capacity

The Children are also civic educated on different topics including child rights, Violence and abuse, career building to equip them with knowledge and empower themto take a step in achieving their goals or reporting any cases of violation and abuse.


  1. Palliative Care Program

Aims at alleviating suffering and pain on chronically ill and dying patients.

Through this program, MhEST supports Zomba District Health Office to deliver palliative care services through home visits in Matawale, Chipini, St Lukes, Domasi, Nasawa and Thondwe

Patients are assessed in their homes with medical personnel and provided with analgesics to relive pain. MhEST compliments with psychosocial interventions such as counselling to patients and families, basic human needs support and nutritional support needs support


  1. Vulnerable Families and Elderly Support

This project identifies vulnerable families are headed elderly people or children who are taking care of the elderly.

These families are supported with basic human needs and educational support to children within these households.


  1. Health Infrastructure Development

MhEST is working in partnership Zomba District Health Office to assess healthy needs and support in construction and upgrading health infrastructure in Zomba.

It also aims at supporting the training of health personals on particular services.

M`mambo Health Center Construction Project

MhEST in partnership with Maternity Worldwide Institute and Zomba District Health Office has started upgrading M`mambo Health Center to offer BEMOC services.

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