MhEST in MNH Project Sensitisation

Mlambe Health and Social Trust (MhEST) is holding sensitisation meetings with the community in Zomba rural aimed at raising awareness about its new Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) Project in M’mambo Health Centre catchment area, Sub-T/A Nkapita.

The sessions involve discussions with health workers (Health Surveillance Assistants – HSAs and Health Centre in-charge), Village Health Committees (VHCs), Village Development Committees (VDCs), local chiefs and the entire

Kathumba (right) with a community health worker

During the sensitisation meetings, community volunteers are being identified to facilitate MNH sessions using Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach.

MhEST Community Mobilization Officer Peter Kathumba said they plan to train the volunteers and establish MNH groups in the community.

As part of the Rural Health Service Development programme, MhEST built a new BEmONC Facility at M’mambo Health Centre.

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