Facilitating access to safe and clean water.

Millions of people die each year as a result of diseases caused by contaminated and unsanitary water. Access to clean water and sanitary facilities is necessary to prevent exposure to a variety of diseases. MhEST’s water and sanitation program works to bring clean, safe water to communities that do not have access to it.

A woman drawing water from a well constructed by MhESTA well constructed by MhEST


MhEST has been collaborating with community members to build wells so that everyone in the community can clean, safe water. The water and sanitation initiative, with the help of local residents, constructed 15 wells across three different Traditional Authorities namely: T/A Nkapita, T/A Mwambo and T/A Chikowi .

The program reaches out to 5 thousand people living in these areas in order to assist them access clean and safe water by constructing wells in their area. People living in these areas now have access to clean and safe water, and the frequency of water-borne diseases is likely to decrease significantly.
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