Street Connected Children and Youth (SCCY) Project

Apparently 100 million children are living and working in the streets worldwide and struggle to survive under harsh and often exploitative conditions. This is a huge concern for Malawi, the number of children living in and growing up on the streets of urban areas is increasing rapidly with worsening economic conditions, aggravated by the breakdown of extended family structures and the impact of HIV and AIDS pandemic. These children face high levels of violence, drug use, exploitation and sexual abuse, but their voices never reach the top agenda for public discourse and their needs are far from being addressed.


SCCY project aims to:

  1. Advocate for improved access to basic human needs, health care, education and social protection services for Street connected children (7-14 years) and Youth (15-19 years) in Zomba City.
  2. Empower street connected youth to realise their rights and play a role as active citizens


it begins with the homeless kids we serve


Do you know any child or youth who is homeless?

Is he/she working in street?

Is she/he in danger or has been abused?








Crisis Care Referral to appropriate services


Every Wednesday, our key social workers go in the streets to interact with the children, assess their needs and re-direct them to MhEST Youth Resource Center.

View our street-outreach


  • Drop in Center

Street Connected Children and the Youth are directed or escorted to MhEST Youth Resource Center to access basic human needs and linked to other services such as; health care, education and Psycho-social services.

View our Drop in Center activities


  • Education support

Street connected children and the youth are supported to access formal and non-formal education. (Supported by a picture/video)

View our education


  • Re-integration

After building rapport with the children and the youth, our key social workers trace their homes and conduct assessments to plan for re-integration.

View our re-intergration

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