What you can Donate

You can assist us in helping more people in the target areas and expand our impact through your donations. You can donate in a number on ways as will be explained below and all the resources given to our projects will be accounted for with all transparency and integrity.


1. Make a Cash Contribution You can make cash contribution by simply writing a cheque or deposit directly by requesting for an account number through the form below. You can designate how the funds you share are to be used, or you can make a no strings attached gift that enables MhEST’s Executive Director or Board of Directors make a decision about how the money should be spent to serve the best interests of the Organization.

2. Clean Out Your Closets and Share There’s a good chance that you may have plenty of items in your closet that you’ll never wear again. Whether its clothes that you’ve outgrown or items that you just don’t wear any more, the very items that are causing clutter in your closet could be put to good use by MhEST’s. Such donations are given to needy individuals and families in the community for their own personal use. You can help by such donations.

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