MhEST Drills CBOs in Tree Grafting, Nursery Establishment and Management

Mlambe Health and Social Trust (MhEST) is engaging Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) in Zomba rural on a tree grafting, nursery establishment and management exercise as a sustainability mechanism.

The charitable organisation is training the CBO members in tree nursery establishment, tree seedling for agroforestry, grafting and woodlot management to promote ownership and ensure communities are able to raise their own seedlings.

A CBO member during one of the tree grafting sessions

Earlier this year, MhEST partnered with the CBOs to plant over 61,000 fruit and indigenous seedlings in T/A Chikowi, Mwambo and Mlumbe, as well as Sub-T/A Nkapita and Ntholowa.

The exercise, which took place in February, saw each of the 137 CBOs receive and expected to plant a minimum of 307 seedlings.

A representative from MhEST drilling one of the CBOs

MhEST then initiated a seedlings follow up exercise seven weeks later from 21 April to 14 May aimed at inspecting the orchards and track progress made by the respective CBOs.

MhEST aims to plant more than 1 million fruit and indigenous trees in Zomba rural within a period of five years as one way of conserving the environment, while generating income for the CBOs to help their communities.

One of the CBOs members during a tree grafting session


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