MhEST responds to flood damage in Zomba rural

Mlambe Health and Social Trust (MhEST) has taken the initiative through its Vulnerable Elderly Program to help households in Zomba rural affected by rains and flooding.

The Southern part of Malawi has been affected by flooding due to heavy rains caused by a tropical disturbance over the Mozambique Channel.

MhEST intends to provide immediate psycho-social and nutrition support to affected beneficiaries within the catchment villages following a two-day damage assessment of Vulnerable Elderly Program households and temporary shelters.

“We need to respond as soon as possible because a lot of houses, mostly of the elderly, have been damaged,” said Dr. Zahra Ismail, MhEST Executive Director.

“We intend to go into the villages on Monday to give the people maize flour, sugar and other basic needs as we wait for a long-term solution because they need permanent shelter,” Dr. Ismail continued.

Of the 35 out of 38 beneficially households visited, the assessment found 4 houses had completely collapsed, 8 had partially collapsed and 4 had cracked walls while 4 other houses had their roof blown off.

The organisation will also work in collaboration with the Zomba District Council (DC) to provide imminent support to children residing in two temporary shelters of Ntokota Primary School and Chalera Community-Based Childcare Centre.

“We will give children in these shelters school materials while hopefully other organisations will come in to help in other ways,” added Dr. Zahra Ismail.

It is estimated that 202 men and women plus 136 children are residing at the two shelters.

The Vulnerable Elderly Program, which is among the four pillars of MhEST, advocates for the safeguarding of the health and social welfare of vulnerable elderly people within empowered communities.

Mlambe Health and Social Trust (MhEST) is a charitable organisation based in Zomba which aims to alleviate vulnerability, poverty and suffering on young people, the elderly and those requiring palliative care.

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